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Largest verdict in state history against nursing home that abused a resident with Alzheimer’s. Epworth Villa was one of the most prestigious nursing home facilities in Oklahoma. An 80-year-old resident with end-stage Alzheimer’s was emotionally and physically abused by an employee who had received absolutely no training on the specialized needs of those suffering from Alzheimer’s.


Epworth Villa attempted to cover-up the truth by blaming an individual who was not employed at the facility. The attorney’s investigation revealed not only the employee who abused the client but also members of Epworth Villa’s management team who organized and participated in the attempted cover-up of the client’s abuse.

Five young girls were repeatedly violated and sexually abused by their children’s pastor at Bethany First Church of the Nazarene (“BFC”). Over the course of two and a half years, the attorney’s investigation was able to expose the cover-up, lies, and obstruction of the official police investigation by BFC, the Worldwide Nazarene Church, and Southern Nazarene University.


A confidential settlement was reached. In addition to compensation, the settlement required BFC and the Worldwide Nazarene Church to overhaul and improve screening, training, and education of the pastors and staff members of all Nazarene churches in North America in preventing, recognizing, and reporting the physical and sexual abuse of children. Also, a scholarship program was established for students attending SNU that had been victims of abuse or wanted to pursue a career in child advocacy.

Type of CaseAmount of Verdict/
Sexual Abuse/ Church PedophileConfidential Settlement
Alzheimer’s/ Nursing Home Abuse15.2 Million Dollar Verdict
Insurance Dispute/ Bad Faith8.45 Million Dollar Settlement
Long-Term Care Insurance Policy
Dispute/ Bad Faith
5.7 Million Dollar Settlement 
Automobile Insurance Policy Dispute/ Bad Faith 5 Million Dollar Settlement 
Automobile Accident 4.1 Million Dollar Settlement
Wrongful Death/Semi Tractor/Trailer Accident 4 Million Dollar Settlement
Wrongful Death/ Automobile Accident 3.7 Million Dollar Settlement
Wrongful Death/ Semi-Tractor/Trailer Accident 3.6 Million Dollar Settlement 
Wrongful Death/ Automobile Accident3.5 Million Dollar Settlement 
Sexual Abuse/ Alzheimer’s Abuse3.1 Million Dollar Settlement
Wrongful Death/ Automobile Accident2.75 Million Dollar Settlement
Brain Injury/ Automobile Accident2.25 Million Dollar Settlement 
Automobile Insurance Policy Dispute/ Bad Faith2 Million Dollar Settlement 

Dental Malpractice1.3 Million Dollar Verdict
Wrongful Death/ Premises Liability1.1 Million Dollar Settlement 
Wrongful Death/ Nursing Home1 Million Dollar Settlement
Automobile Insurance Policy Dispute/ Bad Faith1 Million Dollar Settlement 
Wrongful Death/ Products Liability1 Million Dollar Policy
Limits Settlement
Nursing Home Abuse/ Wrongful Death850,000 Dollar Settlement
Slip and Fall/ Premises Liability850,000 Dollar Settlement
Semi-Tractor/ Trailer Accident 775,000 Dollar Settlement
Products Liability750,000 Dollar Settlement
Premises Liability500,000 Dollar Settlement