Product Liability

Taking Action After a Defective Product Injury

To get through life, we depend on certain goods and products. Some examples are food, medicine, household appliances, cars, and personal computers. Sadly, all of these items cause injury or death to thousands of people every year. In these cases, the manufacturers and producers must be held accountable for the damages.

If you are severely injured by a product that was reasonably deemed safe for use, you have a variety of legal options.

Defective Product Design

If you were hurt after using a product with a defective design, you can file a claim against the manufacturer if they should reasonably have known about the defect and been able to foresee that the design could cause serious injury or death. Examples of defective design include:

  • Children’s toys that come apart easily and pose a choking hazard
  • Baby cribs and other furniture that can trap a child and injure them
  • A defective car tire that blows out easily
  • Vehicles prone to rollovers

Defective Manufacturing

A manufacturer is also responsible for poorly made products. By law, they are required to test all goods they produce to ensure that-

  • Use of the item is safe
  • It will function as intended

Whenever there is a risk associated with a product, the manufacturer must warn consumers and provide clear instructions for how to use the product safely. The manufacturer may be held liable if they fail to provide appropriate instructions and warnings. Lead in children’s toys, overly flammable clothing, and bicycles that pose a serious crash hazard are among the most common examples of defective manufacturing.

Negligent Marketing

When consumers aren’t warned of the risks associated with certain products, it is termed negligent marketing.  This includes failure to:

  • Provide adequate warnings about risks and dangers
  • Provide adequate instructions for safe use of a product

When a product has an inherent risk, or foreseeable dangers can arise from unintended use, the manufacturer must provide a warning, even if the risk only applies to a particular type of user.

Bison Law Can Guide You Through Your Product Liability Claim

If you are injured after using a dangerous consumer product, contact an Oklahoma personal injury attorney who can help you hold the designer and/or manufacturer accountable for their negligence. In cases where consumers have misplaced their trust in a manufacturer, Bison Law Firm fights to get the award or settlement they deserve. To schedule a consultation about your case, call 405.407.0111 or contact us online.