Auto Accidents

When You’re Injured on the Road, We’re Here to Help

When you’re injured in an auto accident, you’re facing a recovery that often goes beyond medical treatment alone. You’re likely wondering when (or if) you’ll be able to work again and how your family will make ends meet. To top it all off, you may be dealing with an insurance company that’s more hindrance than help.

At Bison Law Firm, our attorneys understand the frustrations and challenges our clients face following a motor vehicle accident.  We will answer all of your questions, address your most immediate concerns, and present a case for maximum compensation. Auto insurance companies know that we mean business and are ready to go to trial to get the financial recovery you need.

Our Approach to Auto Accident Cases

No matter how friendly they are to you over the phone, insurance adjusters do NOT have your best interests in mind. Their goal is to protect the company’s bottom line. If they can get you to admit fault in any way, they can reduce the amount of compensation they pay you under Oklahoma’s comparative negligence law. (If they can ‘prove’ that you’re more than 50% to blame, they may not have to pay you anything!)

Our Oklahoma auto accident attorneys will protect your right to fair compensation by:

  • Identifying who is legally responsible for your motor vehicle car accident and your injuries. It’s likely the other driver, but depending on the circumstances of your accident, it could be several parties.
  • Identifying all policies that provide coverage for your accident and injuries, whether they belong to you or any liable parties.
  • Getting your medical records reviewed by experts to determine the full extent of your injuries and your chances of making a full recovery.
  • Filing claims with the appropriate insurance companies and negotiating for full and prompt payment
  • File an auto accident lawsuit to seek compensation from the at-fault party or parties when a settlement cannot be reached. 

In the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident, you are likely to feel confused and worried. There is a lot to do, from checking yourself for injuries to calling the police and insurance companies, to filing a claim and making a statement. That’s why an Oklahoma personal injury lawyer at Bison Law Firm will walk you through the entire process. Our goal is to provide the best outcome for you and your loved ones, so reach out to us today by calling 405.407.0111 or contacting us online.