Frequently Asked Question

A question we get asked a lot is: Do I really need a lawyer after a car wreck? If you answer YES to any of the following questions then you should give us a call!

— Were you badly injured?
— Were you hit by a commercial vehicle?
— Has the other driver’s insurance offered you a settlement within a few days or weeks of the crash occurring?
— Was the other driver drunk when they hit you?
If you answered YES to any of those questions, more than likely, you need a lawyer.
Don’t wait, give us a call and we’ll start working on your case immediately! 
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Bison Law Firm

It takes a special type of attorney to handle personal injury cases. He or she must have a lot of empathy, patience, and passion. This is the part we enjoy the most at Bison, listening and helping people pick up the pieces and helping them put their lives back together.

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